The most popular wedding flowers

Hi. I´m very excited to write this post. I think it’s one of my favorite part of a wedding… THE FLOWERS.

Wich flowers would you prefer for your wedding? If you have trouble deciding from all the available flowers I’m going to help you decide showing you the most popular wedding flowers.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to do a meeting with your florist. Then you can ask the type of flowers that he recommend depending the season.

This are the most popular wedding flowers


Everyone know that the roses are a symbol of beauty and love and they are a three thousand varieties. The rose is available in many colors and types. The Hybrid Tea Rose is the perfect one if you want the traditional and classic rose. The Garden Rose you can also search as the Austin Roses well is very similar and I have to say that it´s my favorite because it´s a rose but different. You know what I mean?


I love the color of the peonies, it´s very bright so if you have in mind a colorful wedding it´s the perfect option. You can do lovely centerpieces and beautiful bouquets. The season when you can find them easier is from late spring and early summer and it´s a very expensive flower. There are a couple of types, all of them are beautiful. I recommend you that If you want a bridal bouquet add some other flowers for example ranunculus, roses and dollar silver.


This is a multi petaled flower so it will be perfect for a wedding. The most popular colors are white, pink, peach and yellow. This is perfect for the bridal bouquet, is accessible to get any season. I love this flowers to fill the centerpieces because they give them a luxury look.


This flower has a big bushy head and intense shades. The more common colors arepink, blue, burgundy and purple. It’s a very beautiful flower, if you want to fill your center pieces it’s the perfect flower. Accessible to get any season and most important thing it´s not expensive.

What do you think about this flowers. My favorite is the Garden Rose. What’s yours?


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