Why get married in Mexico number one destination?

Cancun and Riviera Maya are the number one tourist destinations to get married in Mexico.

Mexico has become a favorite destination for couples all around the globe to celebrate their weddings with the colorful traditions and the delicious food.

In Cancun there are more than 600 hotels waiting for tourists and couples in love who want to make their wedding.

One of the most important things is that Cancun it´s one state that functions as a meeting point for many people because this destiny receives direct flights from all over the world.

Cancun and Riviera Maya for many years have become the favorite place of couples and families.

The beaches, attractions, incredible sunsets, hotels and places to visit make Cancun becomes the perfect place to get married.

These are some important points of getting married on the beach:

You have great landscapes and scenarios, definitely your photos will be spectacular. The sunset makes a warm and romantic atmosphere for your great celebration.

The guests thank you for the destination, many of the people take the opportunity to take a vacation. So it´s a win win for everybody.

Many couples get married and take advantage of the destination for their honeymoon. It’s something that many couples do, mostly foreigners. This place has something magical so I recommend you to spend a few days after your wedding.

Boutique Wedding, what does this means? It´s an intimate wedding, because not all of your guests can take vacay so it is very important that you make a list with the people that you really want to be at your wedding.

 One of the reasons that Cancun and Riviera Maya are number one destinations it´s the weather. It´s the perfect weather for a beach wedding. Remember that you are on the seashore and you don´t know what can happen!

I’m sure this destination will make you fall in love. If you have any questions or you want my services, just write to me at hola@fergallegos.com


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