Must Haves for a Destination Wedding Invitations

Dear brides, this a simple list of the things that you need to know for your wedding invitations. This information is very important since your guests are doing a big effort to go to your wedding.

This is the must have to know for a destination wedding, you have to be very careful to advise your guests all the info that they need to make the best experience for them.

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All wedding invitations should include the following elements:

  • The names of the couple
  • Day of the wedding
  • Itinerary of the big day
  • Type of Location
  • Dress Code
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Extra Information

  • Details of the destination. The weather is very important. Your guests need to know that to pack all the correct clothes.
  • Weekend Program. If you are going to have a Rehearsal Dinner, Welcome Party, Pool Party or Brunch after the wedding, you have to let them know.
  • Hotel Accommodations. If you are having the wedding in one resort provide the group code in case you have one or all the info that the hotel gives you. If you are doing everything in a private venue you can provide your guests a list of the hotels that are near to the wedding venue.
  • Thank you cards… I mean they go to another country for your big day!

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